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The BBF car & window sticker

The BBF car & window sticker

Spread the message wherever you go with the BBF car & window sticker. 🇬🇧🇬🇧


Top Tips for the perfect stick!


Please stick INSIDE your vehicle.


The stickers wont feel 'sticky'. The key to the perfect stick is in the preparation of what you are sticking it to. Make sure the intended area is perfectly clean and most importantly, DRY. 


Peel your sticker off its backing and place the top side on the inside of your window. Allow the sticker to very gently cling to the window rather than putting it on forcefully. Hold in place for around 30seconds. After 30seconds, keep one hand holding it firmly and with your other hand gently stroke it from the middle outwards to the edges to push any air bubbles out. You can slowly add more and more pressure. Repeat this until you can give it a gentle wiggle and it doesn't move very easily. That's when you know it has stuck successfully.


Be mindful as to where you choose to place your sticker, avoid placing near heaters, blind spots, defroster lines etc.


A bank card (or something similar) can help to smooth out any air bubbles.

    VAT Included
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